Benjamin Britten: The Rape of Lucretia - CD2 CD Track Listing

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Benjamin Britten The Rape of Lucretia - CD2 (1994)
Jean Rigby; Alastair Miles; \r\nDonald Maxwell; Alan Opie;\r\nPatricia Rozario; Ameral Gunson;\r\nCatherine Pierard; Nigel Robson;\r\nCity of London Sinfonia;\r\nRichard Hickox.
This classical cd contains 12 tracks and runs 64min 10sec.
Freedb: 960f080c


: Music



  1. Benjamin Britten - Act 2 - Scene 1: The prosperity of the Etruscans (07:39)
  2. Benjamin Britten - She sleeps as a rose upon the night (03:01)
  3. Benjamin Britten - When Tarquinius desires, then Tarquinius will dare (02:32)
  4. Benjamin Britten - Within this frail crucible of light (04:47)
  5. Benjamin Britten - Lucretia! (06:29)
  6. Benjamin Britten - Interlude: Here in this scene you see virtue assailed by sin (04:14)
  7. Benjamin Britten - Act 2 - Scene 2: O what a lovely day (06:38)
  8. Benjamin Britten - Hush! Here she comes (03:37)
  9. Benjamin Britten - Flowers bring to ev'ry year the same perfection (06:24)
  10. Benjamin Britten - Lucretia! Lucretia! O never again (08:42)
  11. Benjamin Britten - This dead hand lets fall all that my heart held (04:21)
  12. Benjamin Britten - Is it all? Is all this suffering and pain, is it in vain? (05:37)

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