Various: Halina Slonicka soprano CD Track Listing

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Various Halina Slonicka soprano (2004)
This classical cd contains 17 tracks and runs 67min 19sec.
Freedb: 140fc511


: Music



  1. Various - Vivaldi "Quia respexit" from Magnificat (03:32)
  2. Various - Zaydler Andante from Vespers (04:15)
  3. Various - Moniuszko "Suknio cos mnie tak ubrala" from Hrabina (05:27)
  4. Various - Moniuszko "Zbudzic sie z uludnych snow" from Hrabina (02:42)
  5. Various - Moniuszko "Okropny ten poranek... Ach tys moze wsrod tej burzy" from Flis (05:26)
  6. Various - Moniuszko "Ktoz mnie panna pocieszy" from Flis (with Bernard Ladysz) (03:33)
  7. Various - Moniuszko "Znow cie przy mym sercu pieszcze" from Flis (with Bogdan Paprocki) (02:50)
  8. Various - Szymanowski Roxana's Song from Krol Roger (04:12)
  9. Various - Nowowiejski Pamietasz Janku (02:56)
  10. Various - Lehar "Vigil oh Vigil" from The Merry Widow (04:56)
  11. Various - Lehar "Hey, Girl, Hey" from The Merry Widow (03:00)
  12. Various - Lehar "Mouth is Shut when the Soul Sings" from The Merry Widow (02:28)
  13. Various - Abraham "Pardon Madame" from Victoria and Her Hussar (with JozefWojtan) (04:26)
  14. Various - Abraham "Wonderful Land" from Victoria and Her Hussar (with Leslaw Waclawik) (04:32)
  15. Various - Abraham "You were my pleasure" from Victoria and Her Hussar (with Leslaw Waclawik) (04:48)
  16. Various - Abraham "Goodnight" form Vicotira and Her Hussar (with Leslaw Waclawik) (05:09)
  17. Various - Jones "Be Joyful and Laugh Is Our Fate" from Geisha (02:58)

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