Minstrelsy!: Renaissance & Baroque Songs And Dances CD Track Listing

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Minstrelsy! Renaissance & Baroque Songs And Dances (1995)
This classical cd contains 15 tracks and runs 48min 59sec.
Freedb: cc0b790f


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  1. Minstrelsy! - T. Simpson- Ballet/Courante (01:48)
    Thomas Simpson/Christian Englemann\n
  2. Minstrelsy! - P. Rosseter- When Laura Smiles (02:19)
    Philip Rosseter\n
  3. Minstrelsy! - Anon. Two Ballets (02:21)
    Anonymous (Taffel-Consort)\n
  4. Minstrelsy! - W. Lawes- Suite in G Minor (05:49)
    William Lawes\n- Pavan\n- Ayre\n- Courante\n- Sarabande\n
  5. Minstrelsy! - J. Dowland- I Saw My Lady Weep (03:09)
    John Dowland\n
  6. Minstrelsy! - Anon. When She Cam Ben, She Bobbit (01:54)
    Anonymous, set by John McLachlan\n
  7. Minstrelsy! - T.A. Arne- Under The Greenwood Tree (02:13)
    Thomas A. Arne\n
  8. Minstrelsy! - M. Praetorius- Dances From Terpsichore (06:23)
    Michael Praetorius\n- Courante\n- Courante\n- Ballet\n- 4 Gavotte\n
  9. Minstrelsy! - J. Pachelbel- Partita in C Major (07:37)
    Johan Pachelbel\n- Adagio\n- Aria\n- Treza\n- Ciacona\n
  10. Minstrelsy! - J. Dowland- Time Stands Still (03:47)
    John Dowland\n
  11. Minstrelsy! - Anon. Mascarada/Volta (02:10)
    Anonymous (Taffel-Consort)/Anonymous \n(attributed to John Dowland inTaffel-\nCosort)\n
  12. Minstrelsy! - J. Dowland- Shall I Sue (02:46)
    John Dowland\n
  13. Minstrelsy! - Anon. Volta/Ballet (02:21)
    Anonymous (Taffel-Consort)/C. Topfer \n(Taffel-Consort)\n
  14. Minstrelsy! - T. Campion- It Fell On A Summer's Day (02:14)
    Thomas Campion\n
  15. Minstrelsy! - B. de Selma y Salaverde- Canzon a doi soprani (01:59)
    Bartolome de Selma y Salaverde\n

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