Serge Prokofiev: Betrothal in a Monastery (The Duenna) CD Track Listing

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Serge Prokofiev Betrothal in a Monastery (The Duenna) (1998)
Lyrico-comic opera in four acts\n\nLibretto: Serge Prokofiev & Mira Mendelson\nafter R.B. Sheridan: "The Duenna, or the Double Elopement"\n\nConductor: Valery Gergiev\nKirov Chorus and Orchestra, St. Petersberg\nChorus master: Valery Borisov\n\nDon Jerome: Nikolai Gassiev\nDon Ferdinand: Alexander Gergalov\nLouisa: Anna Netrebko\nThe Duenna: Larissa Diadkova\nDon Antonio: Evgeny Akimov\nClara d' Almanza: Marianna Tarassova\nMendoza: Sergi Alexashkin\n\nDon Carlos: Yuri Shkliar\nPadre Augustin: Vladimir Vaneev\nFather Elustaf: Sergei Liadov\nFather Chartreuse: Georgy Zastavny\nFather Benedictine: Fiodor Kuznetzov\nLauretta: Liudmila Kassianenko\nRosina: Liubov Sokolova\nLopez: Vladimir Zhivopiskev\nFirst Masker: Sergei Liadov\nSecond Masker: Georgy Zastavny\nThird Masker: Fiodor Kuznetzov\nFirst Lay Brother: Valery Sobanov\nSecond Lay Brother: Vladimir Kniazev\nPablo: Sergei Liadov\nPedro: Georgy Zastavny\nMiguel: Fiodor Kuznetzov\n\nRecording: Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersberg, 9/1997\n\nPhillips 289 462 107-2
This classical cd contains 21 tracks and runs 65min 8sec.
Freedb: 1d0f4215


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  1. Serge Prokofiev - 0 Prelude (02:00)
  2. Serge Prokofiev - 1.1.1 But that is just fantasy! (03:07)
    Don Jerome, Mendoza
  3. Serge Prokofiev - 1.1.2 Plain. Round-shouldered (04:05)
    Don Jerome, Mendoza\n
  4. Serge Prokofiev - 1.1.3 She has shaken your hand (04:12)
    Mendoza, Don Jerome, Ferdinand, Lopez, Antonio
  5. Serge Prokofiev - 1.1.4 The moon looks in at your window (03:48)
    Antonio, The Maskers
  6. Serge Prokofiev - 1.1.5 Stop that mewing (02:13)
    Don Jerome, Three Maskers
  7. Serge Prokofiev - 1.1.6 Masker's Dance (03:25)
  8. Serge Prokofiev - 1.1.7 I had better get her married off (03:13)
    Don Jerome
  9. Serge Prokofiev - 1.1.8 Friends, depart (03:18)
    Three Maskers
  10. Serge Prokofiev - 2.2.1 It will work, Nanny, won't it? (04:45)
    Louisa, Duenna
  11. Serge Prokofiev - 2.2.2 Splendid, Senor, splendid (02:56)
    Don Jerome, Louisa, Ferdinand
  12. Serge Prokofiev - 2.2.3 Will you cherish me in my old age? (03:51)
    Don Jerome, Louisa, Ferdinand
  13. Serge Prokofiev - 2.2.4 Give it back! (02:34)
    Don Jerome, Duenna
  14. Serge Prokofiev - 2.2.5 If you have a daughter, believe me (01:14)
    Don Jerome
  15. Serge Prokofiev - 2.2.6 It looks like the first act has been played out without (01:55)
  16. Serge Prokofiev - 2.3.1 Buy some fish from Senor Mendoza's barges! (02:08)
    Women Traders, Mendoza, Don Carlos
  17. Serge Prokofiev - 2.3.2 Rosina....Rosina... (02:48)
    Clara, Rosina, Louisa
  18. Serge Prokofiev - 2.3.3 Ferdinand alone is dearer (03:03)
  19. Serge Prokofiev - 2.3.4 I had known what pranks (01:37)
    Louisa, Clara
  20. Serge Prokofiev - 2.3.5 My beard? My beard is not at all bad (06:14)
    Mendoza, Don Carlos, Louisa
  21. Serge Prokofiev - 2.3.6 There is no greater happinss (02:29)
    Don Carlos, Women Traders, Louisa

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